Georgia Governor Signs Bill Into Law Aimed At Suppressing Voting Rights

ILA Vice President Willie Seymore Says His State Is Preventing Eligible Voters From Participating In Our Democracy

NORTH BERGEN, NJ. (March 26, 2021) On Thursday, George Gov. Brian Kemp signed a bill into law an ILA Leader in the Peach State say will place new limitations on mail-in voting and is an attempt to prevent eligible voters from participating in free and fair elections.

Georgia’s Republican controlled House and Senate rammed through this voter suppression bill signed by Gov. Kemp last night, in response to the Blue Wave that swept through Georgia in last year’s presidential election and in two Senate run-off races in January, won by Democrats, Raphael Wamock and Jon Ossoff.

“The right to vote is sacred,” said Willie Seymore, International Vice President from the Port of Savannah and Brunswick, and Executive Vice President of the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District. “Georgia Republicans knew exactly what they were doing when they rammed
through voter suppression laws to prevent eligible voters from participating in our democracy.”

Vice President Seymore noted the bill makes dramatic alterations to Georgia’s absentee voting rules – adding new identification requirements – and moving back the request deadline and other changes.

“This suppression of voter’s rights effort is not limited to Georgia alone,” Brother Seymore warned. “Across the country, over 250 pieces of voter suppression legislation have been introduced in state legislatures. This is a concerted Republican effort.”

The ILA Georgia leader said ILA members and all Democrats in his State are ready for the challenge.

“As Democrats, we will never stop fighting to protect voting rights,” Seymore said.