ILA Executive Vice President Dennis A. Daggett Provides Baltimore ILA Update

SATURDAY, April 6, 2024-We’ve noticed numerous inquiries regarding financial relief for our Baltimore members. After consulting with ILA VP Scott Cowan and under President Harold Daggett’s direction, we’re providing an update: Substantial efforts have been underway behind the scenes. President Daggett and I have been collaborating with USMX to disburse funds for our Baltimore ILA members’ financial support. While originally earmarked for COVID-19 relief, we’ve worked with the attorneys to amend the trust, making resources available for next week. Thanks to Scott’s advocacy, we convinced CR-5 trustees to expedite vacation and holiday payouts, distributed last Friday. Additionally, we’ve secured commitments from the bargaining parties to credit hours for all ILA members in the Port of Baltimore, safeguarding their MILA benefits. Our ongoing dialogue with the White House and Maryland Governor’s office has yielded promises of future funds, with President Biden set to introduce a congressional bill soon. Nonetheless, we’re not waiting passively; we’re taking proactive measures to promptly aid our members. While governmental support is appreciated, we’re swiftly providing relief ourselves. Despite the seeming duration of the past ten days, rest assured, we’ve tirelessly worked to expedite member relief. President Daggett, myself, and your International appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these challenges together. Special thanks to Scott and the team for their hard work and persistence in achieving this progress. We will provide another update next week. Thank you again for your patience and all parties involved in helping us navigate through these challenging times.