Richard Charles Jaeger, A Tribute To A Remarkable Man

Richard Charles Jaeger, A Tribute To A Remarkable Man
By Harold J. Daggett

My brother-in-law, Richard Jaeger, loved life and lived it to the fullest.

I am certain of this because I knew him since he was thirteen, years before he married my sister BetteJane and became a welcome member of the Daggett family.

His faith was strong, a living example of what Matthew described Jesus saying: “whatever you did for one the least of my brothers and sisters, you did for me.”

While I’m certain Richard believed he would awaken into Eternal Life when he left his earthly dwelling, he fought like hell to stay alive.

So many of us wanted him to win that battle.

This miracle of a man – Richard Charles Jaeger – began his life on September 13, 1944. We said goodbye to him last Friday, March 15th, 2024.

Richard Jaeger was our joy, the bright spot in our lives.

He wasn’t just my relative, he was my friend. A faithful friend who cared about me and cared for my well-being.

As a protective brother of two sisters, I wanted the best for them, and in Richie Jaeger, we won the grand prize for BetteJane.

Richie and BetteJane, blessed with a 50-plus year marriage, would produce three beautiful daughters – my beloved nieces – Janine, Dawn, and Mary-Elizabeth.

His family described him as a “jack of all trades” and that he certainly was throughout his amazing life.

From an early career with AT&T, to an executive in insurance and real estate, we finally got Richie to the docks as a member of our ILA Local 1804-1 in the 1970s.

God meant for Richie to touch the world and that he did, moving his family to Tulsa, Oklahoma where he and my sister graduated from Victory Bible Institute with degrees in Ministries.

As Ministers, they brought their love and faith to Africa, undertaking a missionary task there. “Whatever you do for the least of my Sisters and Brothers, you do for me.”

Richie Jaeger walked the walk, always carrying his deep faith in one hand and his loving family in the other.

He and BetteJane would eventually make their way back to the Northeast to be near their daughters and ever-expanding family.

They were blessed with two grandsons and six granddaughters.

His loving family and legions of friends were the reason Richie fought hard to stay alive.

Now at his passing, I pray – we collectively pray – to have the courage and faith that were part of Richie Jaeger’s character and make-up.

I am hurting – we are hurting – at his loss.

Richie Jaeger – one of my dearest friends for more than seven decades.

Through tears and heartache, we can cherish and honor the memory of Richie Jaeger.

This remarkable man is now at peace and rest, reunited with his beloved bride, BetteJane.

God bless you, Richie Jaeger.

You will remain in our hearts forever.