Pope Francis Gives Dockworkers Around the World Papal Blessing at the Vatican in Rome

VATICAN CITY, ITALY (January 10, 2024)—Delegates from the ILA and the IDC were honored to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican yesterday.

His Holiness blessed dockworkers worldwide, praying for their health and safety.

After the mass, Pope Francis graciously spent time with the delegation, accepting gifts and blessing a statue of the Blessed Mother for the IDC to share with dockworker unions facing challenges or celebrating milestones worldwide.

One of the gifts Pope Francis was presented with was a painting of the dockworkers working on the waterfront from his home country of Argentina.

The delegation included members from all over the world including The United States (East Coast/West Coast), Spain, Argentina and Italy.

Leading the delegation of dockworkers was Dennis A. Daggett, ILA International Executive Vice President and IDC General Coordinator, Jordi Aragunde, IDC Labor Coordinator; Kenny Riley, ILA International Vice President, and IDC East Coast Zone Coordinator, John Daggett, ACD General Vice President and Ed Ferris, IDC West Coast Zone Coordinator.

God Bless the ILA!
God Bless the IDC!