ILA Endorses Jim McGreevey for Mayor of Jersey City 2025

ILA Endorses Jim McGreevey for Mayor of Jersey City 2025; ILA President Harold Daggett Praises Former New Jersey Governor For “Championing the Causes of New Jersey Working Families

NORTH BERGEN, NJ – (January 3, 2024) The International Longshoremen’s Association today endorsed Jim McGreevey for Mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey in 2025.

“On behalf of our entire ILA membership, including the many members and their families living in Jersey City, New Jersey, I am proud and honored to endorse our friend and proven leader, Jim McGreevey, for Mayor of Jersey City,” said International ILA President Harold J. Daggett. “From his early days in politics serving as Mayor of Woodbridge Township and the New Jersey Senate, to his tenure as New Jersey’s 52nd Governor, Jim McGreevey has always championed the causes of New Jersey’s working families, especially his support of the ILA and its members.”

The ILA leader added that his union welcomed Jim McGreevey’s decision to re-enter public service and will encourage its members and families to campaign hard for his election as Jersey City mayor in 2025.

“Whether in public service where he succeeded in every elected position he held, to his work for the past two decades in ministering to the poor and less fortunate, Jim McGreevey has always displayed unmatched character and compassion for those he served,” said ILA President Daggett. We are confident that families in Jersey City will be best served with Jim McGreevey as their Mayor.”