In Fiery Keynote ILA President Harold Daggett Calls For World-wide Dockworker Unions To Form Global Alliance

In Fiery Keynote Address At Opening Session of International’s 56th Quadrennial Convention ILA President Harold Daggett Calls For World-wide Dockworker Unions To Form Global Alliance To Target Shippers Pushing Automation

Hollywood, Florida – (July 24, 2023) The President of the International Longshoremen’s Association called on dockworker unions around the world to join with the ILA in forming a global alliance to target and possibly strike shipping lines that are pushing job-cutting automation on the industry. In a fiery, passionate address delivered to over a thousand cheering ILA delegates and guests at the opening session of the ILA’s 56th Quadrennial Convention at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida, ILA President Harold Daggett challenged all dockworkers unions to unite to fight large shipping companies like Maersk and MSC from slowly and steadily replacing workers with automated equipment.

“More and more, I feel strongly to form and lead a global, international, maritime alliance, armed with the weapon to go on strike together, and show foreign owned companies like Maersk and the world how powerful we are,” ILA President Harold Daggett said. “If foreign owned companies like Maersk and MSC try to replace our jobs with automation, they are going to get a painful reminder that longshore workers brought these companies to where they are today.

“This Dockers Global Alliance would have one major purpose: to combat automation, and new technology,” the ILA leader added. “Every maritime union must be part of this alliance.”

A record number of ILA delegates and guests registered for this 56th Quadrennial Convention that will run for four days, with election of ILA Executive Officers and Vice Presidents slated for the final day on Thursday, July 27, 2023.

At today’s convention session, the packed audience heard from a number of speakers and viewed videos that all contained the common theme of how the ILA responded to the world-wide COVID pandemic.

Speaking about the ILA’s heroic efforts to keep working and keep cargo flowing, ILA President Harold Daggett said of the pandemic: “It was hell, and it was war, and our ILA workforce were truly America’s front-line heroes. I salute each of you, and all the longshore workers we represent back in our home ports. When you return home after this convention, please tell our entire ILA family how proud we are of them.”

On Tuesday’s second day session, the convention will feature speakers New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and ILA Executive Vice President Dennis A. Daggett. ILA Delegates will be introduced to Dockworker union leaders from Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and South America.