Historic ILA 56th Quadrennial Convention Closes With Harold J. Daggett Re-elected To Fourth Term

Historic ILA 56th Quadrennial Convention Closes With Harold J. Daggett Re-elected To Fourth Term As International President; Seven Other ILA Executive Officers and 22 Vice Presidents Unanimously Re-elected

Harold J. Daggett was unanimously re-elected as International President of the 75,000-member International Longshoremen’s Association, today on the final day of a historic 56th Quadrennial Convention.

Amid cheers from hundreds of longshore delegates and over a thousand guests, ILA President Harold Daggett thanked members for their support and pledged to get right to work in his fourth term as International President to enact ambitious programs he laid out during the convention week, including forming a Global Alliance and bringing all dockworker and maritime unions around the world together to collectively battle automation.

The ILA leader saw his entire ILA Executive Officers team unanimously re-elected to their positions: Stephen Knott as Secretary-Treasurer; Dennis A. Daggett as Executive Vice President; Wilbert Rowell as General Vice President; John D. Baker as General Organizer; James Paylor and Alan Robb as Assistant General Organizers; and Benny Holland, Jr., as Executive Vice President Emeritus.

All 22 Vice Presidents representing major port areas on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts; Great Lakes; Puerto Rico, and Canada, were re-elected to the ILA’s Executive Board.

This 56th Quadrennial Convention was marked by powerful speeches delivered by the ILA’s Harold Daggett and Dennis Daggett; Paddy Crumlin, the President of the International Transport Workers’ Federation; and Paul De Maria, Executive Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer at United States Maritime Alliance. ILA Delegates were introduced to many dockworker union officers from around the world.

From the political arena, ILA delegates heard from messages from President Joe Biden and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

The theme of the convention, “A Force To Be Reckoned With” was played out in many speakers’ addresses, especially International President Harold Daggett, who proclaimed throughout the week that his ILA was going to be a powerful force in upcoming negotiations with United States Maritime Alliance and lead the global charge to fight companies that push job killing automation on the industry.

Several resolutions and constitutional amendments were passed at the four-day convention.

The 22 Vice Presidents re-elected to the ILA’s Executive Council were: Clyde Fitzgerald, Raymond Sierra, James O. Campbell, Kenneth Riley, Captain William Yockey, Thomas M. Little, Willie J. Seymore, Virgil Maldonado, Patrick Murphy, William B. Ashe, Jr., Vincent Cameron, Kerry Scott, Luis Gonzalez, John D. Baker, Jr., Scott Cowan, Herbert Hall, Bernard O’ Donnell, Carlos Sanchez Ortiz, Frank Agosta, William Hennessey, Bill Williams, and Peter Clark