ILA President Joins Inauguration Celebration As Local 1526, ILA Officers Take Oath of Office & Look To Put Hardships of Pandemic Behind

ILA President Harold J. Daggett Joins Inauguration Celebration in Fort Lauderdale As Local 1526, ILA Officers Take Oath of Office and Look To Put Hardships of Pandemic Behind Them

Inauguration Celebration 1

FORT LAUDERDALE – (Tuesday, February 21, 2023) – After enduring three years unforeseen hardships brought on by the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic that knocked out the cruise industry and their main source of employment, ILA Local 1526 President Johnnie Dixon and his fellow newly elected local officers and trustees, celebrated an inauguration ceremony on Sunday evening, February 19th in Fort Lauderdale and were joined by a very special guest – ILA International President Harold J. Daggett.

Inauguration Celebration 2ILA Members and guests from the Fort Lauderdale Port of Port Everglades celebrated more than just the inauguration of newly elected officers, but a sense that the horrors of the past three years of the coronavirus that shut down the cruise industry and the ILA Local’s main source of work, was in their collective rear view mirror and the brighter, happier days were ahead for them.

The ILA International leader, Harold Daggett, noted the strength of ILA Local 1526 members in remarks at the inauguration.

“Led by your talented and young President Johnnie Dixon, the leadership of ILA Local 1526 demonstrated courage and commitment these past three years, as you survived the crushing blow of a global pandemic that shutdown the world-wide cruise industry,” ILA President Daggett said.  “Local 1526’s ILA membership demonstrated courage and valor as well.  You stood strong and together, supporting each other; sharing work hours.”

Inauguration Celebration 3

The following ILA Local 1526 officers took the oath of offices for the following positions:  Johnnie Dixon as President; Art Kennedy as Vice President; Anthony Gross, Jr., as Financial Secretary; Calvin Bray as Recording Secretary; James Roscoe, Jr., as Treasurer and Trustees:  Elvin Bynes, Jr., Christopher Brown, and Ron Jackson.

“We are so honored to have our International President Harold Daggett join us for our inauguration of newly elected officers,” said Local President Dixon. 

“I am so proud of my ILA family,” added International President Daggett, “and I certainly include and cherish the proud and strong members of ILA Local 1526.”