ILA Local 1233 Fundraiser at Recent New Jersey Scholarship Dinner; Record Turnout At Formal Event

ILA Local 1233 Raises $42,000.00 At Recent New Jersey Scholarship Dinner; Record Turnout At Formal Event Held In Woodland Park, NJ

New Jersey Scholarship Dinner

NORTH BERGEN, NJ (August 30, 2022) – Officers and members of Local 1233, International Longshoremen’s Association exchanged their longshore gear for gowns and tuxedoes as a record crowd gathered at Westmount Country Club in Woodland Park, New Jersey for a Scholarship Dinner which raised over $42,000.00.

Local 1233 announced that it will open applications for scholarships between September 15 and October 15, 2022, and will award scholarship grants to dependents from the local.  

It was a joyous gathering last Saturday evening as ILA Local 1233 President Buddy Smith welcomed members and guests to the Scholarship Dinner.  Retired International General Organizer Jerry Owens, a 60-plus year member of ILA Local 1233, was present at the dinner which he played a big part in creating nearly forty years ago.  

International Vice President Herbie Hall, the Business Agent at Local 1233;  Victor Thomas, Secretary-Treasurer at Local 1233; Scholarship Dinner Chairperson/lady Betty Hooker, Committee Member Tyreke Wells other officers, trustees members, and scholarship dinner committee members, joined Local 1233 President Buddy Smith paying tribute to recent retirees from ILA Local 1233.  A stylish Ad journal was presented to each dinner guest and was composed by Bobbie Bailey.  

Rounding out the Committee Members were Tara Newborne, Michelle Boone, Michael Vick, and Devin Barnett.

International ILA President Harold J. Daggett offered praise to ILA Local 1233 for awarding scholarships which he described as “noble and necessary” and congratulated the ILA Local 1233 retirees being recognized at the Scholarship dinner.

“We are all part of the greatest trade union across America, and in my opinion, around the world,: said President Daggett.   “Our wage scale team that includes Herbie Hall and Buddy Smith help us negotiate top tier wages and health and retirement benefits  that are second to none.  We also share in the responsibility of providing for our children – food on the table and a comfortable place to live.  There is no finer gift we can offer our young than an opportunity to advance their education beyond high school.   These scholarships you are awarding tonight provide the key for them to unlock the door of opportunity and advancement.”

President Daggett said the ILA retirees:  “It’s hard to find adequate words to describe the contributions of the tens of thousands of longshoremen who have journeyed over many rough roads to help the ILA win the standards of living we enjoy today.  We have much work to do to guarantee equality and freedom for all, but we salute our retired ILA members for showing us the way.  May God Bless you all with many years of happy retirement.”