Power of Longshore Solidarity in Video Featuring Dockworker Leaders; International Day of Docker Solidarity to Demonstrate Full Support To ILWU

Power of World-Wide Longshore Solidarity On Display In Video Featuring Six Dockworker Leaders; International Day of Docker Solidarity Held in San Francisco, California To Demonstrate Full Support To ILWU As They Continue Negotiations

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – (August 18, 2022) Longshore International Day of Solidarity was held on Monday, August 15th in San Francisco, California bringing together Willie Adams, ILWU International President; Dennis A. Daggett, International Dockworkers Council General Coordinator and ILA Executive Vice President; Paddy Crumlin, International Transport Workers’ Federation President; Rob Ashton, National President, ILWU Canada; Dustin Dawson, ILWU Hawaii Longshore Division; and Dennis Young, ILWU Alaska Longshore Division.

Each leader pledged full support to the ILWU as it continues negotiations with Pacific Maritime Association, and also noted the bonds of solidarity with Docker Unions around the world is growing stronger and more powerful.

“We are part of a very unique industry where, no matter where you are in the world, we work for the same employers, the same ocean carriers, and I think that uniqueness is what allows us to have such a strong international dockers movement,” said IDC General Coordinator Daggett.

His comments were echoed by ITF President Paddy Crumlin who noted: “Dockworkers around the world have a lot in common.  Mostly, we have these very, very long shared history of tried union effectiveness and militancy.”

IWLU Canadian National President Ashton captured the classic ILWU theme “An Injury To One Is An Injury to All,” when he emphasized: “Your struggle is our struggle, your fight is our fight.  And there’s a war going on.  It’s a war between classes, and this is just one small battle in that war.  We’’ll be victorious in this battle and be victorious in the next battles to come.  Cause we’ve got your back, and we up North know that you have our backs.

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