ILA Longshore Work Force Continues to Be America’s Front-Line Heroes Moving Cargo Through Coast Ports

ILA Longshore Work Force Continues to Be America’s Front-Line Heroes Moving Cargo Quickly Through East and Gulf Coast Ports Despite Shippers Misuse of Terminal Space

Port Authority

NORTH BERGEN, N.J. – (October 11, 2021) While the national media continues to mischaracterize problems with America’s, and the world’s supply chains, members of the International Longshoremen’s Association working in the Ports from Maine to Texas continue to shine as America’s Front-Line Heroes, moving cargo rapidly in and out of the port despite shipper’s misuse of terminal space as warehousing areas.

“Our ILA members and our USMX employers are doing a great job keeping cargo moving into and out of the ports,” said International President Harold Daggett.  “Major media outlets have incorrectly reported on supposed bottlenecks in our ports – that’s just not the case.  Our ILA members are working hard and getting the job done.”

While some West Coast ports have seen widespread backups of ships trying to get docked and unloaded, that remains a non-issue at ILA ports, the union said.  

ILA officials charge the media is lumping together all U.S. ports.

Port Hero“There’s a lot more to these problems and the whole story  is not being reported,” said ILA Executive Vice President Dennis A. Daggett, who has maintained close communications with the White House, the Department of Transportation, and the Maritime Administration to assist them with dealing with the nation’s supply chain.  “The media should stop concentrating their focus on the ports where our ILA members are America’s Front-Line Heroes, and instead focus attention on distribution warehouses.  They need to expand their hours.  The press should also examine operations at outside rail yards – not to be confused with on-dock rail.”

ILA Locals throughout the ILA continue to work closely with their local management partners, for example in the Port of New York and New Jersey with New York Shipping Association and Metropolitan Marine Maintenance Contractors Association.  In the Greater Metropolitan area and elsewhere, the ILA and its employers  are offering their expertise to the local Port Authorities to maintain high productivity levels at all ILA manned terminals.