ILA President Harold J. Daggett Expresses Union’s Support for People of Cuba in Their Struggle for Freedom Against the Current Regime

In a letter to International Vice President Luis Gonzalez from the Port of Miami, ILA President Harold Daggett expressed full support to the citizens of Cuba, who have been subjected to brutal treatment and horrific oppression by the current regime. “Please convey to all ILA members in hour area that the ILA strongly stands in solidarity with the people of Cuba in their struggle for freedom against the current regime,” ILA President Daggett wrote. “Many Cuban-American ILA members in ports in Southeast Florida have escaped the atrocities in Cuba themselves or have family members who have fled Cuba.”

ILA President Daggett added: The ILA supports the Cuban people’s efforts to obtain freedom from oppression and hopes that they will soon realize their democratic aspirations.” Follow the link below for full text of President Daggett’s letter to ILA Vice President Gonzalez:

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