ILA President Appoints Jim Paylor and Peter Clark to Spearhead ILA’s Involvement in Windmill Projects

ILA President Harold Daggett Appoints Assistant General Organizer Jim Paylor and International Vice President Peter Clark To Spearhead ILA’s Involvement in Growing Windmill Projects; Paylor Reports of Boston Meeting

ILA Windmill Projects

ILA Sisters and Brothers:

As you may be aware, ILA President Harold Daggett commissioned Peter Clark, ILA Vice President; Ed Zimny, ILA Consultant and me to work as a team advising ILA leadership on America’s Windmill initiative. Our main objectives are to secure ILA jurisdictions, since this Windmill initiative will generate substantial waterfront jobs. We are making certain these ILA jobs come with dignified wages and benefits since investors of this project are spending $250 Billion in this initiative.

To date, the committee has visited or communicated directly with, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, in last few weeks. We will be traveling to other areas as priorities clarify.

I attached a picture taken during a recent meeting at a Massachusetts State Office. New England Local ILA Representatives, along with ILA Vice President Bernie O’Donnell and ACD Vice President George McEvoy were present. I commend Bernie and George who did a great job setting up the the meeting and circulating the invitations under very short notice.

We invited and hosted a meeting on the 34-floor of a State office overlooking the river and City of Boston. The meeting included MassPort Executive Director, and staff. Congressional representatives, State senators, and State Representatives , and City Council members, employers from 3 states, and the Boston Steamship Association.

Representative Stephen F. Lynch, from the 8th Congressional District in Massachusetts and I were the key speakers and I moderated the question and answer portion of meeting. Topics included ILA being prepared for Windmill Components, training and safety education needed. Chief among the topics raised included the importance of Crane assessments for each port facility, since cranes will need to handle units that will be larger than 500 tons; insfrastructure funding for training from State and Federal sources; and engaging Windmill developers to demystify operations to help assess training priorities.

Participants in the Boston Meeting:

  • James Paylor – ILA Asst. General Organizer, Co-Chair Offshore Wind Committee
  • Peter Clark – ILA Vice VP, NY/NJ, CO-Chair Offshore Wind Committee
  • Bernard O’Donnell – ILA VP New England
  • George McEvoy – ACD VP New England
  • John Sharkey Sr. – ILA President, Local 1066
  • John Sharkey Jr. – ILA Business Agent, Local 1066
  • Anthony Farmusa – ILA Business Agent, Local 1604
  • Daniel Sullivan – ILA President, Local 799
  • Ronald Logan – ILA President, Local 805
  • Pat Considine – ILA Business Agent, Local 799
  • Ed Zimny – Consultant assisting ILA Offshore Wind Committee
  • United States Congressman Stephen Lynch
  • Massachusetts State Senator Nick Collins
  • Massachusetts State Representative David Biele
  • Boston City Councilor Michael Flaherty
  • Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn
  • Quinn Valcich – Staff with Councilor Flaherty
  • Mike Meyran – Massachusetts Port Authority, Port Director
  • Andrew Hargens – Massachusetts Port Authority, Chief Development Officer
  • Kelly Strong – Boston Shipping Association, Executive Director
  • Rob Pierce- Boston Line
  • Bill Eldridge – Boston Shipping Association, President
  • Rick Elliott – Ports America, Manager
  • Dana Rebeiro – Vineyard WInds
  • Nicolette Callard-Andrade – Vineyard Winds
  • Shelagh Mahoney – Eastern Mineral
  • Joe McNamee – Eastern Mineral
  • Sean McNamee – Eastern Mineral
  • Dan Lynch – Staff with Congressman Lynch
  • Dan Adams – Architect, Eastern Mineral