As Nation Suffers Through Spike in COVID Cases, ILA Workers Continue To Demonstrate Bravery and Commitment To Keeping Cargo Moving In and Out of Ports

ILA President Harold Daggett Urges Members to Redouble Efforts to Enforce Safety Protocols and Wear Protective Masks

NORTH BERGEN, NJ. – (December 7, 2020). Medical Experts are suggesting that colder weather and behavior are behind the current surge of COVID cases across America and around the world. In the U.S., average daily cases of Coronavirus are nearing 200,000.

ILA workers continue to provide “front line services” and are keeping ports open during this new surge of COVID cases.

“ILA members continue to be America’s heroes,” said ILA President Harold Daggett. “Their contributions to getting us through this crisis are impossible to calculate. Even harder to measure is their bravery and courage.”

The ILA leader reminds all ILA workers “to mind their 3 W’s” : Wash your hands, watch your distance and wear a mask is the message being sent to all ILA workers.

“With the vaccine now on our radar, we must not let our guard down now,” said President Daggett. “This is not a time to get complacent. Those same safety protocols we employed back in April and May must continue even more so now with winter approaching and with the availability of the vaccine still an uncertainty.”