ILA Vice President Willie J. Seymore, In Remarks to Georgia Foreign Trade Conference On Tuesday, Will Honor Five ILA Brunswick Longshoremen For Their Heroics Vainly Trying to Save Fellow Local 1423 Member Who Drowned After Vehicle Mishap Sent Car Into Water

Willie Seymore, who will honor five ILA Port of Brunswick, Georgia ILA Members, is pictured with his fellow ILA Local 1414 members from the Port of Savannah, Georgia. Seated, left to right: William Robinson; Willie Seymore; Cleve Jones. Standing, left to right: Phillip Bell; Paul Mosley; Lucious Coxon; Brandon Baxter.

SEA ISLAND, GA (Feb. 3, 3020) – At the 2020 Georgia Foreign Trade Conference here in Sea Island, Georgia, International Vice President Willie Seymore, from the Port of Savannah, will recognize five ILA members from Local 1423 at the Port of Brunswick, who last November dove into the water after 44-year-old ILA member Lon Bland accidently drove a vehicle into the water as he was working a vehicle transport vessel.

ILA members Lonnie Jimerson, Edward Jones III, Jaquan Muhammed, Marquis Higginbotham and Spencer Scott bravely risked their lives jumping into the waters at the Port of Brunswick after the vehicle mishap. Though their attempts to save their fellow ILA brother was in vain, they will be commended by ILA Vice President Seymore for their heroics and recognized in front of nearly 700 participants at the 2020 Georgia Foreign Trade Conference on Tuesday, February 4, 2020.

At the time of his death, Brother Bland was remembered by his fellow ILA Local 1423 members as a husband, father and great friend.

Vice President Seymore will present a “Heart Award” to the five ILA members who tried to rescue Brother Bland. Their plaques will be inscribed: “For Your Courageous Act of Brotherhood and Bravery.”