ILA Secretary-Treasurer Stephen Knott Delivers Poignant Message About Tolerance and Repect

ILA Secretary-Treasurer Stephen delivers poignant message about love and tolerance in his address to ILA delegates at Union’s 55th Quadrennial Convention Held July 22-25, 2019 in Hollywood, Florida. “We must learn, Brothers and Sisters, to respect each other,” Knott said. “Regardless of our race, gender, color, religion, political agenda. We have to stop going one way and start looking for a way that we can get together and respect each other.” The ILA Secretary-Treasurer said ILA President Harold Daggett achieved success in the Master Contract because the ILA leader insisted that we respect the needs of every individual port area. “I look out in this audience,” Brother Knott, ” and I think I see a rainbow. We have people of all race, color, creed, religions, genders – we have everything in the ILA – that’s what makes the ILA so great today. And we respect each other.