ACD and ILA Delegates and Guests Will Register Online For Upcoming Atlantic Coast District and International Conventions This July

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NORTH BERGEN, NJ – (May 24, 2019) ILA delegates and guests attending the upcoming 36th Quadrennial Convention of the Atlantic Coast District, ILA from July 14-18 and the International’s 55th Quadrennial Convention held from July 20-25 at the Diplomat Resort Hotel in Hollywood, Florida will register online and should visit the Convention registration websites.

The Convention websites are now open to allow delegates to register themselves and their guests. Please note that delegates must still mail the completed credentials to the ACD and ILA offices by July 1, 2019. All registrations are subject to the ACD’s and ILA’s approval upon receipt of all paperwork.

This links to the two conventions are below:

Please note that if you are attending BOTH the ILA and ACD Conventions, you must register on BOTH websites.

A Convention Call and credential forms were sent out several weeks ago detailing requirements for entry into the Convention. To be granted entry into the Conventions, the following paperwork must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer of the ACD (James Stolpinski) for the ACD Convention and the Secretary-Treasurer of the ILA (Stephen Knott) for the ILA Convention:

  1. Convention Credentials (mailed to ILA Locals) – Retain original and send copy the ACD or International. Deadline for submission to the ACD or ILA: July 1, 2019.
  2. Certification of Membership (Audit) – If reporting over 100 members, a certified public accountant must sign the certification, or the report will be rejected. Deadline for submission to the ACD or ILA: June 1, 2019.
  3. Each local union with more than 100 members must provide to the ACD or ILA a copy of the local union’s or affiliate’s signed and filed U.S. Department of Labor LM reporting form for the preceding two (2) years. Deadline for submission to the ACD or ILA: June 1, 2019.
  4. Delegates will be allowed to register their immediate family, limited to spouses and children. Additional guests’ names must be submitted, through ILA Locals, to the offices of the ACD and ILA Secretary-Treasurer’s offices and are subject to approval.

If you experience any problems with completing your registration, please contact the ACD and ILA Registration Office for assistance.

ACD and ILA Registration Office Managed by Convention Services Unlimited.

Phone: 888-278-9886 or 301-353-4917

Hours: Monday – Friday
9:00am — 5:00pm ET