ILA Locals Throughout Canada Launch ILA Canadian Joint Council and Hold Inaugural Meetings in St. John’s, Newfoundland With ILA and ACD Executive Officers

ST. JOHN’S, NEWFOUNDLAND, (CANADA) – (August 8, 2018) Canadian ILA members join with International and Atlantic Coast District officers at the inaugural meeting of the ILA’s Canadian Joint Council, representing all ILA Locals in Canada. ILA’s General Organizer John D. Baker (third from left) and ILA’s Assistant General Organizer James Paylor (sixth from left) represented International President Harold Daggett at Council meeting. The Atlantic Coast District was represented by its President, Michael Vigneron (right).

In the photo (front row, left to right) are: Dennis Gearing, ILA Local 1654; Rick Smith, ILA Local 1654; and Donny Mitchell, ILA Local 1997. Standing, left to right are: Peter Gillis, ILA Local 1259; Patrick Murphy, International Vice President; Gary Twyne, ILA Local 1825; John D. Baker; Paul Goyetche, ILA Local 1843; James Paylor; K. Owen Boyle, Atlantic Coast District Vice President; Chris Gosse, ILA Local 1953; Albert Batten, Atlantic Coast District Vice President; Kevin Piper, ILA Local 269; Terry Wilson, ILA Local 273; Chris Devereaux, ILA Local 1953; Mike Newell, ILA Local 1341; Jeremy Dunn, ILA Local 1953; Mike Irniger, ILA Local 1997 and Michael J. Vigneron. Attending the inaugural meeting, but not photographed was Gary Clark, ILA Local 1879.

“I always believed a Canadian Council was something needed and I suggested the idea at our ILA Executive Council meetings last March in Tampa,” said International Vice President Murphy, who hails from the Port of Halifax. “Canadian ILA Ports are separated by thousands of miles and it’s not always easy to maintain communications on a regular basis. “This Council will ideally meeting several times a year to discuss organizing; labor issues and challenges that, together, we can overcome.”

“I applaud Pat Murphy and all ILA Canadian Locals for establishing this Council,” said ACD President Mike Vigneron. “All Canadian ILA Locals are part of the ACD and I am delighted that these locals will now work in solidarity for the good of their members and the ILA.”

The ILA Canadian Joint Council adopted the following mission statement at its first meeting.

The primary objective and adoption of the Canadian Maritime Council is to foster new relationships between the Canadian union locals with clear purposes of stopping the erosion of our jurisdiction while maintaining the standards of our existing jurisdiction.

The International Longshoremen’s Association and its Canadian union locals recognize the significance of creating improved lines of communications, and to share experiences and resources required in order to protect the ILA family sustaining values. The creation of this Canadian Council is in compliance with Article XI, “Local District Councils” and will enforce and be governed by all the terms of the ILA Constitution.

The governing structure of the council will be to provide guidance and assistance by facilitating additional communications, or networking to assist any local when requested for the following reasons:

  1. Collective Bargaining Administration
  2. Organizing
  3. Lobbying parliamentary, -governmental and legislative bodies on matters important to the maritime industry and our members.
  4. Local Administrative tribunals.
  5. Any matters in which pooled resources or education will be helpful.

The Canadian Maritime Council will adopt their own By-Laws consistent with the ILA Constitution.