Alan Robb Re-elected President of the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District; Five Other Executive Officers Re-elected Along With 20 District Vice Presidents

MIAMI BEACH, FL – (July 19, 2018) Alan Robb was re-elected President of the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District at the conclusion of the 91st Convention at the Fontainebleau Hotel in South Florida. All other Executive Officers were returned to office by delegates representing ILA ports from North Carolina to Texas.

Also re-elected to their current positions with the District were: Billy Williams, Secretary-Treasurer; Willie Seymore, Executive Vice President; Wilbert Rowell, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer; Clyde Fitzgerald, President Emeritus and Charles Spencer, Executive Vice President Emeritus.

The Convention delegates adopted a resolution which changed the make-up and structure of the District’s Executive Council, increasing the number of Vice Presidents to 20 from 18. The Executive Council will now have 10 Vice Presidents from Ports on the South Atlantic area and 10 Vice Presidents from Gulf ports.

The 10 Vice Presidents elected to represent Gulf area ports with the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast district were: James Campbell; Dwayne Boudreaux; Tommy Isbell; Darius Johnson; Mark Bass; Eloy Cortez; Jack Pennington; Gilbert Arreazola; Rodney Priestly; and Mark Bridges

The 10 Vice Presidents representing South Atlantic ports included: Benjamin Bryan; Kenneth Riley; Gerardo Becerra; Charles Seaton; Daniel Teague; Christopher Roland; Leonard Bailey; Richard Nixon; Gregory Washington and Timothy Mackey.

International ILA President Harold Daggett officially administered the oath of office to the District’s Executive Board.

Hundreds of delegates and guests heard from a number of speakers from the ILA; management groups; port authorities and lawmakers during the four-day convention held at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, Florida.