NJ Gov. Christie Signs Bill to Allow NY-NJ Governors to Veto Actions by Waterfront Commission

NJ Gov. Chris Christie with ILA’s Harold Daggett and Steve Knott.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has a message to the Waterfront Commission: You stink at what you do and you need to get your act together.

In a letter to the Commission’s Executive Director Walter Arsenault, Gov. Christie announced that he signed into law a bill that “provides the Governors of New York and New Jersey the authority to veto any action with limited exceptions, taken by the Commission.”

Gov. Christie slammed the Waterfront Commission for failing to follow through with a 2015 directive that the Commission work hand in hand with the State to improve port commerce.

“Since that time,” the Governor said, “the Commission has continued to expand its jurisdiction and allowed brief but damaging labor shortages in the Port.”

Governor Christie ordered the Commission to “embrace more efficient, transparent and cooperative approaches to its regulatory functions.”

The full text of Gov. Christie’s letter can be seen below. Click for a downloadable PDF.