ILA’s Executive VP Addresses Tens of Thousands of Protesting Spanish Dockworkers in Algeciras, Spain

ILA’s Vice Presidents Ken Riley and Virgil Maldonado Join In Rally Protesting Government Interference

Tens of thousands of Spanish Dock Workers rallying today at the Port of Algeciras, Spain loudly cheered International Longshoremen’s Association Executive Vice President Dennis Daggett who pledged the ILA’s full support for the Spanish longshore workers in their battle against the Spanish Government.

The Spanish Dock Workers are protesting against the Spanish Ministry of Public Works and their recently announced plans to destroy the Spanish ports and Spanish economy.

In front of a sea of protesting Spanish Dock Workers, ILA’s Daggett echoed the chant of the crowd: “Not even one step back.”

Blaring horns and loud cheers erupted when Dennis Daggett told Sister and Brother Spanish Dock Workers “The ILA is with you all the way!”

Joining ILA Executive Vice President at the rally were Kenneth Riley, ILA Vice President and President of ILA Local 1422, Charleston, South Carolina and Virgil Maldonado, ILA Vice President and President, ILA Local 1588, Bayonne, New Jersey.

Jordi Aragundi, General Coordinator of the worldwide International Dockers’ Council, introduced the ILA officers and extended thanks to ILA President Harold J. Daggett and the entire ILA membership for their overwhelming demonstration of support.

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