Port of Miami Shuts Down Preparing for Impact of Hurricane Matthew; ILA Locals Bracing For Powerful Storm

Leaders from two Miami locals, Louis Gonzales (left) Vice President from ILA Local 1422 and an International Vice President and Ellis Canty (center), President, ILA Lcoal 1416 with Dennis Daggett, Executive Vice President, ILA at an ILA function last January at the Port of Miami. The port is currently shut down until Friday in preparation of Hurricane Matthew.

Ellis Canty, President of ILA Local 1416 in Miami said ILA members in and around Miami, Florida are taking all necessary preparations as Hurricane Matthew, a powerful storm moving through the Bahamas now, takes aim on Southeast Florida.

“The Port of Miami has been virtually shut down since 4 am this morning and will remain closed until at least Friday,” President Canty said by telephone. “Trucks were not stopped from entering port to accept cargo.”

President Canty said that a small Seaboard Marine container ship was off loaded by three ILA gangs today, but that no container ships or cruise vessels will be worked until Friday. Four cruise ships are due in Miami on Friday.

“We’re contacting our members to keep them updated on the status here at the Port of Miami,” President Canty said.

Canty also said that ILA Local 1416 is protecting its local building, located in the heart of the Overtown Section of Miami.

Louis Gonzales, International Vice President of the ILA from the Port of Miami and a Vice President from the other ILA Local in the Port of Miami, ILA Local 1422 is also making preparations for a devastating hurricane.

“We have a telephonic system in place that communicates with all our members, via cellphones, to keep them informed about the status at the Port of Miami,” said Gonzales. “We have alerted them that the Port of Miami is closed.”

Canty and Gonzales are keeping in close contacts with representatives from the Port of Miami, employers at the Port and the Miami Mayor’s office for information on and response to Hurricane Matthew.