ILA Delegates to 2016 DNC Add Their Voices To Historic Nomination of Hillary Clinton For President

ILA Delegates to 2016 Democratic National Convention Add Their Voices To Historic Nomination of Hillary Clinton For President

August 8, 2016 – History was made in Philadelphia last week where Hillary Clinton became the first woman from a major party to be nominated for U.S. President, nine months after the ILA was among the first unions to endorse her.

A number of ILA officers and staff were at the Philadelphia convention cheering Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine’s nomination to lead the Democratic ticket, including International Vice Presidents Vince Cameron, William Ashe and Herbie Hall and Tony Hill, Charles Brave, Ingo Esders and Thomas Mackell. Brothers Cameron, Ashe, and Hill served as Democratic Delegates to the convention.

Hillary Clinton’s nomination came nine months after she visited ILA Local 1422’s headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina to receive ILA’s endorsement. International Vice President Ken Riley made the endorsement on behalf of the ILA and International President Harold Daggett.

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