ILA Has Close Connections to Walter Scott, Man Murdered In South Carolina By Policeman

Victim’s brother Rodney Scott is Member of Charleston ILA Local 1422

North Bergen, NJ – (April 9, 2015) The nation was shocked and deeply saddened by the video showing the killing of an unarmed African American male, Walter Scott, by a white North Charleston, SC police officer Michael T. Slager. The victim’s brother – Rodney Scott – is a member of ILA Local 1422 and two other ILA Local 1422 members – Marion Green and James Gibbs – are also close relatives. The entire ILA family expresses its condolences to the Scott family and offer our prayers and support. ILA Local 1422 President Kenneth Riley, also an International Vice President, issued the following statement on the killing of Walter Scott:

Once again, we are watching the coverage of an African American male senselessly gunned down by a white police officer. The officer has several options available to him but he decided to use lethal force and fired 8 times at the back of Mr. Scott.The family, the community and now the entire country mourn the loss of Walter Scott. ILA Local 1422 mourn along with the family and are particularly saddened because of Mr. Scott’s connection to our local. Walter Scott’s brother, Rodney Scott joined our workforce two years ago. One of Local 1422’s dispatchers, Marion Green and James Gibbs a forman are all close relatives. The Scott family and the Riley family worshipped together for many years at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Mission and remain close.Local 1422 recognize that we have a social responsibility to our community and we take that responsibility very seriously. That is why Leonard Riley, Jr. took the lead and arranged the organizational meeting for the protest at the North Charleston City Hall. He and other members also participated in the rally. Local 1422 will continue to stand up and speak out against injustice in any form, whether it is racial profiling, racial discrimination or as in this case racial homicide. We along with every civil rights organization are calling for justice for Walter Scott. We will continue to work with community leaders and lawmakers throughout the State of South Carolina to prevent these types of tragedies from ever happening again, not in our state or in our nation.
Kenneth Riley